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Natural Remedies - Old Wives Tales to Cure Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is no joke. It can really make a fun event like a vacation turn into a real mess (pun only partially intended). Nausea, vomiting and dizziness are not really pretty, are they? In fact, some people even struggle with worse symptoms such as fainting, blackouts and difficulty breathing. Yuck!

The causes of motion sickness relate to inner ear difficulties and balance issues, or, at least that’s what the experts contend. Some suggest that over the counter remedies such as Dramamine provide the best relief. Others prefer using ‘motion sickness bands’ or other supposed ‘natural remedies.’However, there are many who turn to the old-fashioned advice of good old mom, or grandma, those so-called ‘old-wives tales’that have provided pearls of wisdom for generations.

So, when you feel the churning begin, try some of these tips and you might just find yourself feeling relief instead of reaching for the panic button:

  • Ginger is effective at curing motion sickness. You can buy powdered ginger capsules at most health food stores. Drink some flattened ginger ale while on your trip or grate some fresh ginger on your food or in some warm tea. Ginger snaps will soothe your little ones on a long car ride. (Peppermint is also good, especially if you’re not a big fan of ginger.)
  • Saltine crackers taste good. The saltiness of the cracker seems to absorb excess stomach acid and keep the bile down, so to speak so you don’t feel nearly so nauseous.
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon. If you can’t see the horizon, just keep your eyes focused on a fixed point. This will keep your mind occupied and the action of focusing on one location will assist  in alleviating your vertigo a bit.
  • Avoid alcohol or smoking and limit your intake of spicy or greasy foods. Keep away from strong odors before and during travel.
  • Eat light - that means no dairy products and foods high in calories, proteins or sodium before you hit the road, sea or air.
  • Face forward and don’t read, write or play video games while traveling. If you don’t have to drive or steer, rest your eyes and relax.
  • Steer clear of anyone else who has motion sickness. Motion sickness is, in part, psychological, and if you see someone else struggling with it, then you might be more prone to suffer from it yourself.
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